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Cycle Racks & Shelters

Make sure that your employees’ bicycles are safe and secure and your nicotine craving staff have a dry area in which to smoke; hire Racking UK to design and install high quality cycle racks and shelters for your property.

Utilising our vast experience in the storage and workplace equipment industry and our highly skilled team, we supply two standard types of bicycle shelters; the original Shepherd shelter and the new Shepherd Velo-shelter.

Cycle Racks

Both shelters are manufactured to an incredibly high standard and provide enough room to install cycle racks and even motorbikes.

We supply four standard bicycle racks to fit inside these shelters; A-rack, Hoop Racks, Cycle Loops and Spiro-Racks. Each type of rack is ideal for safe cycle storage, as they can be bolted to the floor and kept within our bike shelters.

As our cycle racks and shelters are entirely bespoke, they can be provided in a wide range of colours and are designed to perfectly complement your existing property and its features.

Our Shepherd Smoking Control Shelters are manufactured to very high standards making them durable in all weather conditions. Each shelter provides adequate room for at least six persons to stand with enough room to move about freely.

These shelters are an ideal place for employees to smoke unobtrusively, out of the way from main entrances and exits. A contemporary, free standing covered walkway can also be installed to connect multiple buildings quickly and easily.

Based in Chelmsford, Essex, we provide our high quality storage equipment and services to commercial and industrial customers from across Kent, London and the West Midlands. Our work regularly takes us to Colchester, Stevenage, Bury St Edmunds, Basildon, Dover and Wolverhampton.

As one of the UK’s leading storage and workplace equipment specialists, we are confident that we will be able to provide you with the ultimate solution, no matter how challenging the requirements.

Contact us today to discuss how we can help create more space in your commercial or industrial property.

Improved storage and materials handling means additional profit - There really is no other way to look at it!
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